Petros Kalogiannakis

Software Engineer


Influence is a minimal dashboard featuring Google's material design that replaces chrome's built in new tab page with beautiful backgrounds and a plethora of useful tools.

Hawkpass desktop

The desktop client of the Hawkpass web app built on electron.


A web application that generates secure random diceware passwords using entropy collected by your mouse movements.

Conference organization

Using Google App Engine's Endpoints API, built the Python backend to support a web and Android based conference organization application.

Catalog app

A content management system using the Flask framework in Python. Authentication is provided via OAuth and all data is stored within a PostgreSQL database.

DuckDuckGo Instant Answer

A cryptography cheat sheet for the duckduckgo search engine.


Bodyinformer is a web application that provides users with information about their health and fitness needs. Written using Python, webapp2, jinja2 and hosted on Google App Engine.

Personal website. Built on jekyll, css grid, sass, gulp, postcss, fontawesome and hosted on GitHub pages.


Similar application to Bodyinformer developed as an experiment to test the Windows 8 Metro UI back in 2012.


Silva Suite